Support Group


for those impacted

by a loved one's

mental health


How are you doing?

Having a loved one who struggles with mental health can be unsettling at best

and turn your life upside down at worst.

You might experience a myriad of emotions such as: disbelief, fear, confusion, anger, worry, sadness, exhaustion, helplessness, shame and isolation. The toll can be enormous. The stress pours over into everything: your relationships, your work, your ability to focus and your overall well-being.  Sometimes it can feel like you'll barely get through the day, let alone figure out how to take care of yourself.

That is the reason we formed AIM - Allies in Mental Health.  AIM is a unique, personalized coaching program for private and corporate groups, as well as individuals.

We understand. We've been there, too.

And, we know we are together, stronger.

Stressed Woman
Calm Sea

We understand.
We've been there, too.


Wendy Yaniv, ACC

Assoc. Certified Coach (ACC) with International Coach Federation; Certified Professional Coach (CPC) with International Coach Academy.  Coach for Expat Association,  Mindfulness Meditation, NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) and presently participating in a grant award study program for PQ (Positive Intelligence)

Wendy has worked over the last 30 years as a founder or partner in a variety of entrepreneurial businesses, with a passion and focus on bringing cultures together, questioning the status quo and believing that learning and sharing releases fears and prejudices.

Her quest for information, understanding and communication helped her when a family member experienced a severe mental health crisis during a very trying time in the family’s life.  As she was navigating the system to help her loved one, she became acutely aware of the loneliness and lack of support for “her side” of the mental health equation.  Waiting rooms of “allies” turned into coaching and sharing sessions and it became very evident that there was a need for support and help, outside the mental health realm, for us! 

AIM was born, by and for, those looking for a safe place to share, laugh, learn, break down and build up together, stronger!

Cindy Lima, MA, ACC

Cindy became a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) after a fulfilling career in healthcare administration. She holds an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF), is a trained volunteer crisis counselor with Crisis Text Line and provides pro-bono coaching to The Humanitarian Coaching Network, The Coaching Fellowship, The Gratitude Network and the Oregon ICF Pro Bono Initiative. 

Cindy has experienced first-hand the heartache and struggles of loved ones' mental health challenges. She has one family member who lives with anxiety and depression due to Lyme Disease and Mold Toxicosis, and a second who's been given a Bipolar I diagnosis.

She - and others who found themselves in similar situations - longed for a trusted circle of allies with whom they could share their true experiences and find support. Understanding this need, Cindy was inspired to create AIM - Allies in Mental Health.

AIM is a space and community within which we can be real, fall apart, garner strength, and identify our own unique strategies to cope. And, we can also celebrate our successes, laugh, find power in our collective wisdom -- all while knowing we are together, stronger.


Join Us

It's tough - but we're together, stronger

$490 / Six-Week, Small-Group Sessions for Individuals

- Facilitated by certified coaches

- Six weeks; bi-monthly; 90 minutes

- Includes written pre-coaching client assessment and brief call with a coach

- Guided topics for each session

- Access to AIM's private Facebook community

- Eligible for two, optional, one-to-one coaching sessions for participants at discounted rate of $100/session

$150/ Individual 1:1 Coaching Session

- Personal coaching support

- Complimentary 30-minute discovery session

- 1:1 Coaching sessions with Wendy or Cindy

- 10% discount for 5 or more pre-paid sessions

$975 / Person Coaching Support
Corporate Package

- Enhance your organization's wellness and employee assistance programs 

- Bi-monthly employee small-group support series

- Six, 90-minute sessions  

- One additional 1:1 coaching session for each employee participant 

- Employee-designed options for on-going support among participants

- Employee access to AIM's private Facebook community

Also available: Customized recommendation for continued employee wellness support


Client Testimonials

“Working with Wendy has been a revelation! She has an uncanny ability to probe without fear into the heart of my challenge, while simultaneously fostering an environment of trust and compassion. … Mixing all this with her business experience and entrepreneurial acumen gave me the perfect blend of knowledge, support, and work that I needed to transform my perspective and truly explore who I am as a business owner.”

E. Wilson, CA

"Cindy is a life-changing coach. Working with her has helped me change perspectives that had been holding me back for years. She is grounded in reality, listens without judgment, and cares deeply about her clients. Her honest, warm, and humorous approach immediately put me at ease.  Cindy has an uncanny ability to listen carefully to what I am saying - and to notice what I'm not saying. I'm forever grateful to Cindy for what her coaching has helped me achieve."

E.B. - Massachusetts

"Empowered – this is how I felt after each coaching session with Wendy… Wendy’s questions and observations are still in my head and I still return to them in the moments of self-doubt. I highly recommend Wendy to turn their experience into an opportunity for personal growth."

Dina K., Macedonia

"Cindy is an amazing coach; we worked together for about a year.  She gave me a lot of help on very difficult issues.  She has a unique way of penetrating deep into your soul.  I think the reason is the emotion she has - giving me time and space to see my own blind spots that had blocked me. While I was working with her I managed, with her support, to achieve my goals and make my life better.  I feel lucky that I worked with such a good, professional coach and at the same time with such a sensitive person!"

John Asimakis - Tesaloniki, Greece

"I have been working with Wendy, on and off, for over a year and the growth I have experienced has been remarkable.  She provides an environment of openness and trust, and her questions give me the opportunity to explore my own thoughts or embrace and trust myself.  My experience with Wendy has been a gift to myself – professionally & personally."

R.R., Georgia

"I already had a good feeling from Cindy Lima’s profile but speaking with her was above and beyond what I expected. She dug to the core and helped bring clarity about challenges I’m facing professionally as well as strategies in facing them. She’s professional, kind, and has deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by healthcare professionals. I am amazed by what we got out of just one hour conversation. Thank you so much Cindy!!"

S.B. - Auckland, NZ


~ Allies in Mental Health ~
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